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In a nutshell

Am an eternal optimist, an audacious thinker, a creative builder, an impactful storyteller and an organised executor, who gets things done.

Am reachable at ck.adya@adancorporate.com and love public-speaking and writing about topics of the traps of entrepreneurship juxtaposing them with philosophical constructs, deal-structuring, growth and synchronicity. Check my writing (LBS and personal), art (psychedelic), and podcasts (incl. Tony Wheeler - founder of Lonely Planet) sections for more.

Am a deca-lingual, multi-talented zymurgist, who uses the founder's mentality and thrives in uncertainty and chaos, directing teams through the nebulous "Unknown" in the initial 1-2 years of early-stage ventures and preparing them for growth.
Am an agile-athelete and am driven by data and intuition, complemented by first-hand experience and pain, which helps me spot success and failure from a mile. Works well with uncertain and ambiguous situations.
Am a lucky husband, and a doting father to two little boys, who have helped me retain the curious child within me. I go by the hashtag #TheAdventuresOfAdyaDad.

Chennakeshav Adya
Have lived/worked for 15 years in London, 2 years in India and Dubai, and a year (on and off) in the US, Australia, and Singapore. My nomadic instincts have led me to 53 countries and taught me 10 languages and dialects.
Am an eclectic value creator for mid-sized firms and PE/VC funds on Fund-raising, M&A, growth, corporate strategy, digital transformation and deal-making (currently, as co-founder of Adan Corporate).
Am passionate about technology ventures, programme and product management, and building new products across range of sectors, business models, technologies, and markets. Oh! am still fairly hands-on. e.g., I coded this website.

Professional Career Highlights

Entrepreneur. Investment Banker. Technologist. Programme/Product Manager. 53 Countries. 6 Continents. $3+ billion deals originated and led. I love developing the vision, defining the strategy, and converting it into reality
24x Founder
3x Success, 2x VCExits
19x Failures, 100x Resilient
London Business School(LBS) Entrepreneur in Residence
Startups Columnist, Author
TechStars Mentor
Investment Banker
$3+ billion deals originated, led
68x Fund raising deals
16x M&A deals (buy, sell)
20x Post Merger Integration (PMI)
10x PE/VC funds fund placement
50+ CIMs, 500+ investor decks
Programme / Product Manager
200x Technology Projects
10x New Products (Dev + Sales)
Budgets of $500k to $50+ million
Built teams from 2 to 200 people
Greenfield, Brownfield, Sunset

Swiss Army
MBA - London Business School
Engineer - Visveswaraiah Technological University
Management - PRINCE2, MSP, ITIL
Architecture - TOGAF
Development - MCPD, MCTS, ISTQB
Digital Transformation
Tech, Solution, Data Architecture
Artificial Intelligence, ML
Data Analytics and BI
Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
Power Networks
Strategic Investors
Family Offices
Funds - FoF, PE, VC, SWF
Top-tier Business Schools

Skill Highlights

Am quite resourceful with a wide variety of personal and professional skills; have a strong and vast industry network at all levels globally; a penchant and reputation for getting things done with empathy, creativity, discipline and sense of humour.


Retained Advisory

Advisory services to raise capital, sell the business, acquire another business, create the growth strategy, or simply deliver a programme of work.

Project / Programme Management

Manage the end-to-end delivery of a programme or portfolio of projects. Instill a common vision in complex multi-disciplinary matrix structures, uniting diverse agendas to achieve common goals, defusing difficult interpersonal situations and creating a trust-based relationship

Startup Advisory

Take stock of the current state of various functions of the portfolio viz. financial, sales, marketing, operational, legal, structural, tech, hiring key management and chalk out growth execution plan. Acts as reassurance for participants and other interested parties due to focus on governance and direction.

Corporate Finance

Fund raising

Raise the required capital from international sources through a combination of equity, debt, convertible instruments, alternative financing options, or a combination thereof or present alternative options such as a JV, merger or acquisition

Information Memorandum / Pitchdeck / Business Plan

Capture the complete story of the business in a CIM / investor deck, which includes information on the current financial, market, commercial, operational, risk, and legal positions and future financial projections with potential exit options for founders and investors.

Project Feasibility Analysis

Are you looking to analyse your project from a fundamentals perspective to ensure that the project proposition is business-viable in the long-term, and that the concept is ideal for marriage with growth?



Developing the market and prospecting clients for products and services. This includes warm introductions to decision-makers in various institutions internationally using personal and academic networks.

Branding & Marketing

Create a unique and contagious brand through innovative marketing and strategy. Can create the end-to-end marketing strategy, including formulating the marketing mix, go-to-market strategy, brand management, digital campaigns, customer journey management, customer experience management, eliciting product feedback from the market and feeding it to the product development team.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Create alliances and partnerships to expand into a new market, improve its product line, or develop an edge over a competitor. Chalk out the entire deal strategy and manage execution.

I love story telling

I love speaking about my adventures in Startup-land (and life in general) and have realised that it is a great way to engage with the audience and share the traps and the lessons learnt and other epiphanies. Topics I am passionate about are planting the seed idea and turning it into reality, technology, Startup founder dynamics, failures, branding, building resilience and managing chaos.

LBS Talk

The traps and lessons learnt from transitioning into startups

"Stories from the SHIFT"

Are you considering a career transition into the Entrepreneurial world?

Chennakeshav Adya, at London Business School

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Join me in seeking answers to questions such as:
1) Let me try entrepreneurship for a few months and see if it for me.
2) When should I quit my job? Should I quit my job to start a business?
3) The traps you will encounter when you leave your thriving corporate job
4) .. and the ways around them
5) The dark side of entrepreneurship and how to develop resilience
6) Frameworks to assess your readiness

Entrepreneurship is hard. Don't let motivational speakers lie to you.

So, is entrepreneurship for you?

LBS Talk

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